Energage Act

Inspire action with confidence
Action Tracking

Unleash the energy and potential of your employees so they can safely act on survey results – all you need to do is get the ball rolling.

Action Tracking

Smart Manager Sharing

Quickly share insights with managers who are ready to act, and get guidance on how to have more difficult conversations in person.

Clear next steps

Empower managers to take the right actions with their team through insights and action planning guidance that help everyone find their solutions.

Action Tracking

Team Action Planning

With clear and simple guidance, any manager can lead a 1-hour action planning meeting with real results that start at the team level.

Action tracking made easy

Take pressure off managers by effortlessly distributing actions to employees and managers alike, then watch and celebrate improvement as it happens.

Collaborate across the organization

Taking action doesn’t have to be hard – keep everyone accountable with visibility into who’s doing what and when.

Celebrate completed actions

Action Tracking doesn’t stop until each success is celebrated. Top Workplaces show celebration has a direct positive impact on engagement.